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Courageous Dissent:
How Harry Bingham Defied His Government to Save Lives

By Robert Kim Bingham, Sr.

As World War II approached, Hiram (“Harry”) Bingham IV was the U.S. vice consul in Marseilles, France, in charge of issuing visas for the United States. When the Gestapo knocked on doors of the refugees, it was Harry Bingham who opened a door to freedom. By sheltering them in his private villa, Bingham violated both French law and U.S. policy. In speeding up visa and travel documents at the Marseilles consulate, he disobeyed orders from Washington. Many Holocaust refugees were able to flee to safety because of Bingham’s help. Some were famous— Marc Chagall, Hannah Arendt, Max Ernst, Lion Feuchtwanger—but most were not.  This book tells the story of my diplomat father’s rescue activities in Nazi-occupied France during 1940-1941.


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Kim Bingham

For more information about my father’s life visit my Hiram Bingham IV website at    and the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s  film tribute to Hiram Bingham IV at in which I am interviewed.